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My Wonderful Exhibition in Poland-Serise Leather case brand

My Wonderful Exhibition in Poland-Serise Leather case brand

Actually this was not my first time to attend the exhibition in foreign country,but it absolutely was the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had.25


Poland is really a beautiful country in central Europe.That was what I thought when I arrive at Warsaw.The buildings there are so low that seems I could touch the purely blue sky easily,which is quite different from Shenzhen China,with full of high-rise buildings.48

Let's go back to the topic!Why I said the exhibition in Poland this time was wonderful.From one side,is because this beautiful city makes me comfortable and enjoyable,people here are very hospitable and help me a lot.From other side,we were surprised by the number of attendees, the response of the crowd, and their enthusiasm for the show.It will also help build a dynamic and successful new business partnership.73

1-19101H24202O4.jpgOne of the important tasks for us to attend this exhibition is to promote our new brand -- Serise.All the samples of phone case and our own designs of package are embossed or printed with our Serise logo.It’s exciting that many customers like our brand,and would love to buy our phone case with package together.This is a big step for us to promote our brand.1-19101H242322B.jpg

Finally,I would like to thank my best friend,Max,and his wife.Max also is my customer,we have cooperated for many years.When he heard that I would go for the exhibition in Poland,he decided to come to visit us.He drove for more than 10 hours from Belarus to Warsaw,showed us around of this city,took us to party,sent us to the airport for leaving in the end.I appreciate his warm reception and cherish our friendship. I believe we will continue to cooperate in a friendly way.

So far, my wonderful trip to Poland has come to a successful conclusion.If there is a chance, I will come to Warsaw again.


This trip we had was with the group,which has some tour and sightseeing during the exhibition.What impressed me most is the Chopin in Razzinski park.It is said to be the most elegant and beautiful Chopin in the world.In front of a luxuriant branches and leaves, Chopin raised his head unrestrained, as if the wind had blown through his hair and clothes, and as if he were feeling the inner music, light and elegant, with endless melody.80

1-19101H243442Q.jpgOur booth is the only manufacturer who produce phone case,so nearly all customers will come and see what we have,some for this business,and some only for curiosity.So our booth is always crowded,people come and go.But we only have 2 colleagues to entertain customers.We were a little flustered at first because of the large population moving in suddenly.We found that it was not right to entertain all the customers with we only 2 people,we need to seize the real customers who are in this phone case business.So we change our tactics.We asked every customer who come to our booth,”Are you in phone case business please?”So that we could find out who is the one we need to put more time to communicate and push to cooperate.

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