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XYX Participate International Consumer Electronics Expo Arab

XYX Participate International Consumer Electronics Expo Arab

In fact, this is the first time that our company has participated in foreign exhibitions. With full of excitement, we have search some traveling strategy on the Internet before departure.

The United Arab Emirates is a desert country known for its oil production. It is commonly known as the ‘flowers in the desert’. The biggest feature is that the weather is too hot. More than 40 degrees, you can imagine? Considering that over thirty degrees in Shenzhen have been too hot for us, we can not imagine how to live under the temperature of over 40 degrees. On the other hand, since the UAE is an Islamic country and believes in Islam, women should pay attention to wearing long-sleeved clothes and trousers. As a lady, i couldn't imagine what it feels like to wear long sleeves at more than 40 degrees?

1-19101H331241L.jpgWith excitement, three of our colleagues set off from Hong Kong to fly to the UAE. Before leaving, we took a photo and wished our Crescent-shaped company to win the show.1-19101H332114H.jpgWhen we arrived it was dark and we went directly to the hotel1-19101H332441N.jpg

This is the hotel where we live, i have to say it is a nice hotel :)

On the second day, we start our one day traveling, we visited the ABU dhabi folk culture village, the place where film ‘Fast & Furious’ was taken ect, but what shocked me most was Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

1-19101H33320F9.jpg It is our honer to take photos with the local residents

XYX Participate International Consumer Electronics Expo Arab(图5)

XYX Participate International Consumer Electronics Expo Arab(图6)

When you walked Into the mosque, the sacred and pure feelings come together. The white of the entire building is white marble from Greece. It is cold and has no impurities at all. The patterns on the floor and on the pillars are inlaid with precious stones from all over the world. The worship hall is even more magnificent.


After one day's traveling guided by tourist , we have a deeper understanding of Abu Dhabi and its culture. It is time to come to the right topic, we went to exhibition to apply our product near sundown.


On the second day, it is the exhibition time, We are ready to welcome every customer.

But it is not like what we have imagine, there is very few customers in the whole exhibition whole day. We think it is not right,the main purpose of our travel is to display our mobile phone case, to find customers, we three people can not wait here for three days and get nothing, we must go out to find customers, after consulting the guide, we find out that there is a big market Dubai which is similar with Huaqiang North’s trading market, we plan to one people stay in the booth  and the other two go to ‘Dubai Mall’ the next day.


The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world by total area, sits on Dubai's most prosperous downtown location, it has the most complete brand, suitable for high-, mid- and low-level consumer groups, endless dining options, and entertainment facilities for all ages. Not only can you admire the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, listening to the world’s largest musical fountain, but also admiring the world’s largest indoor aquarium, bringing the spirit of Dubai’s first pursuit. If you can only choose one shopping mall in Dubai, then DUBAI MALL must be the first choice. 


The most miraculous thing happened. We encountered our old customers by chance, we are all so much surprised and demonstrated our samples at Dubai Mall.

The customers we met there are very enthusiastic. We showed our samples. They all liked it very much. Some even make deposits on the spot and let us make arrangements for orders. Throughout the day, we got a lot of business cards from interested customers. Although the Abu Dhabi show was not very satisfactory, we did not give up and actively look for customers. Yeah, that is our team, always positive and optimistic!

All in all, Thanks for boss to give this chance, thanks for the trust from our customers.

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